How Do I Join?

Step 1

RSVP for a Meeting

Membership in GLOW is open to all women who live in or do work in the Monroe County, Illinois region. To join, just RSVP for an upcoming lunch meeting (or the occasional after-hours GLOW After Dark meeting!) Meetings last roughly an hour and give every attendee the opportunity to share a little about themselves.

Step 2

Attend Meeting

It sounds simple right? The cost to attend a lunch meeting is $15 if you plan to eat, and just $5 if you want to just attend and network. There are no dues to be a member of GLOW and no other fees for membership. Share your business/group/personal info on our GLOW members Facebook group and post when you have news to share!

Step 3

Stay Active

To remain an active member of GLOW, all you have to do is attend a monthly meeting once a quarter. If you become inactive, we will always welcome you back at the next meeting you can attend. Of course, like all things, the more you put into the group, the more you get out of it!

Membership Benefits


It's Free!

One of the best things about being part of GLOW is that there are no dues. (It's not free cake, but hey, still pretty great, right?) GLOW is one of the few organizations around where there are no fees for membership and honestly, minimal commitment! (Yes, really.) No annual fee. No membership dues. To be considered an active member, just attend a monthly lunch meeting once a quarter. That's it. The only other time commitment we ever ask for is voluntary, and may include helping with our annual GLOW in the Dark Lighted Holiday parade or other community events.


Opportunities to Grow Your Network

GLOW monthly lunch meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 12 p.m. at Annbriar Golf Course. We typically have 30 to 60 women in attendance which means lots of opportunities to mingle, network and make friends. There are countless opportunities to network for your business or meet potential supporters for your cause. Many long-time members say they have met some of their best clients or grown their business through GLOW. New members join every month so the circle is constantly growing!


Get Involved in the Community

GLOW sponsors two major events per year - the GLOW in the Dark Lighted Holiday Parade and the GLOW Community-Wide Yard Sale. Our members are welcome to help us with these events (the parade takes much more work than the yard sale) and we take a LOT of pride in being good community stewards. GLOW also participates in other community events, including the lamppost decorating contest in Waterloo. We also sponsored our own scholarship for high school girls, and plan to resume that soon!


Stay Informed

The amount of information shared at our meetings is tremendous! Some of the most influential women in the region attend our meetings, from city council members to elected county officials. This is the place to be to find out the latest info! Members learn not just about each other's businesses, nonprofits, schools and lives, but also about things happening in our communities. Attending GLOW meetings is a great way to stay informed about new things going on in Monroe County!



Whether you're new to the community or have lived in Monroe County all your life, GLOW is a great way to engage with other women in the area. Many long-time members say they've met some of their closest friends through GLOW. In addition to our monthly lunch meetings, we host GLOW at Night social meetings once a month where members can gather to chat, socialize or enjoy group activities hosted by a member.